KIRKHEATON: Oct 30. Elderly man answered door to suspect who offered to repair his driveway. A price of £300 is agreed and the suspect began work. Later suspect knocked on door and said he had finished work. The victim told him to wait in the kitchen and went to his bedroom to get the money. When he turned round victim noticed suspect standing in bedroom doorway.Victim told him to go back to kitchen. Suspect then left saying he would be back following day to clean up and bring a receipt fro work. Later in day victim noticed that his front door was unlocked and that cash had been stolen from the bedroom. Suspect: white male aged 30-40 years, stocky 5’ 10’’, unshaven, slight Irish accent, said he was called John. Accompanied by white male, early 30s, fair hair, slim and shorter, and referred to the other man as ‘boss’.

Oct 30. Vandal kicked door, shattering glass in outer pane.

DALTON: Oct 30. Thief forced lock to get into vehicle and stole an amplifier.

Nov 3. Forest Road, Dalton. Thief forced door lock to get into vehicle and stole CD/radio player.

Nov 3. Burglar tried to force beading from double glazed unit in back upvc patio door then forced central panel out of adjacent upvc kitchen door to get into house, but nothing was stolen.

Nov 3. Raider attempted to snap europrofile lock on back upvc patio door, then smashed glass in door to get into house. Electrical goods stolen.

Nov 3. Raider snapped lock on both front upvc doors in attempt to get into house. Failed attempt also made to force back kitchen window.

Nov 3 Suspect tried to jemmy open back wooden door and then climbed up on to the roof of adjacent lean-to. Upper floor side window smashed to get into house and steal electrical goods.

Nov 3. Blue Honda CRV reg R444SMA stolen.

Nov 5. Vandal sprayed black permanant paint over downstairs lounge window

ALMONDBURY: Oct 31. Barden Hairstyling, Westgate, Almondbury. Raider kicked in lower panel in front door and smashed ground floor window, then reached inside and stole hair care products from the window sill activating alarm.

Oct 29. Sneak-in burglar got into house through unlocked back door and stole TV set from back sitting room.

Oct 29. Thief forced passenger door lock to get into car and searched glovebox and pulled back seats forward to get into boot. Sat-nav and CD player stolen.

Oct 30. Thief got into locked car without causing damage and made an untidy search, but nothing was stolen.

Oct 31. Raider made unsuccessful attempt to force open upvc kitchen door of house.

Nov 2. Thief forced lock to get into vehicle and stole radio.

Nov 5. Vandal threw stones at house smashing window.

Nov 4. Sneak-in thief got into house through unlocked side kitchen door and stole TV and car keys which were then used to steal grey VW Match reg YD11DZB from driveway.

WATERLOO: Oct 30. Thief got into detached garage through unlocked door and stole beers and tools.

Nov 1. Morrisons supermarket. Nov 3. Thief stole rear vehicle number plate.

Nov 3. Morrisons supermarket, Penistone Road. Handbag left on shopping trolley stolen while victim paid for goods at till.

FENAY BRIDGE: Oct 31. Attempted break-in to outbuilding in garden of house.

Oct 31. Lock on garage door jemmied in attempt to get in.

Oct 31. Raider forced open shed door using spade, but nothing was stolen.

Nov1. Burglar forced open door of detached garage and stole generator and power tools.

MOLDGREEN: Oct 31. Thief stole garden furniture from front garden of house.

LASCELLES HALL: Nov 3. Vandal used large ceramic plant pot to smash back window of parked, locked vehicle then made off unseen.

LEPTON: Nov 5. Raider smashed garage window in failed bid to get inside.

PEACOCK: Q M Industrial Estate, Old Fieldhouse Lane. Oct 31. Raider used jack to push up roller shutter door to get inside of building. Alarm activated and intruder damaged alrm key pad.

Thief stole green Kawasaki KOX250 motorbike reg YE09FNW.

ASPLEY: Aspley Wharf Marina. Thief climbed onto boat on canal and stole bikes left secured with chain and padlock.

Oct 31. Mobile phone snatched from victim’s hand. Suspect: white male aged about 15 years, 5’ 5’’, skinny, pierced left ear, wearing black jacket, blue jeans and black shoes.

BRADLEY MILLS: John Smith Stadium, Stadium Way. Nov 1. Large rock thrown through car window to get inside and steal sat-nav.

Nov 3. Rear number plate stolen from parked car.

Nov 5. Sneak-thief got into unlocked van and stole sat-nav.