FENAY BRIDGE: November 3.Burglars forced a lock from sheds to gain entry. November 5. A side door of a garage was forced open by burglars who stole food from within a freezer.November 11.Burglars forced their way in to a summer house in the rear garden of a home. Nothing stolen. November 11. A lock was prised by burglars to gain entry to a shed. Nothing taken. On the same day a burglar snapped a Europrofile lock on the rear of a patio door in an attempt to gain entry to a house. Half an hour later burglars snapped another Europrofile lock on a rear patio door, gained entry to a house and stole lead for an Ipod.

LEPTON: November 4. Criminal damage was caused to 12 wooden fence panels. November 5. Burglars smashed a window and removed a strip from a door in attempt to gain entry to a garage. November 6. Burglars tried to force open a garage window in an attempt to gain entry and steal items of property.November 9. Thieves entered an insecure vehicle and stole an Ipod, CD player and other items. On the same day thieves smashed the nearside front passenger window to gain access to a vehicle in order to steal an Ipod and cigarettes. November 10. Burglars smashed a rear kitchen window to gain entry to a house. They stole jewellery, a watch and a mobile phone. November 11. Burglars forced entry to a garden shed and stole a pedal cycle. November 11. Burglars smashed a rear window to gain entry to a garage before stealing tools.

DALTON: November 7.Thieves forced a lock on a side sliding door to enter a van and steal power and hand tools.November 9. Two hundred boxes containing Christmas decorations have been stolen from Albany Works, Albany Road, Dalton. Burglars entered a gated secure compound by lifting the gate its hinges. The suspects then backed a vehicle up to a container where they forced a padlock to gain entry. November 9. Burglars snapped a Eurporofile lock on a UPVC kitchen door gaining entry to a house. A quantity of Asian jewellery was stolen. November 10. Two youths were arrested following the theft of a motorbike from a front garden. The bike was recovered. November 11. Burglars entered an insecure garage and stole a mountain bike.

ALMONDBURY: November 12 Thieves smashed the nearside front window of a vehicle activating its alarm. Despite this they stole the contents of the owner’s wallet. November 12. Suspects entered a garden and offered to do general work for the victim. While the victim was distracted in the garden one of the suspects sneaked into the house through an insecure rear kitchen door. It is not yet known if anything was stolen.

KIRKHEATON: November 7. A garden shed was entered after thieves forced the lock. Nothing stolen.

RAWTHORPE: November 11. Criminal damage was caused to wooden palings from a fence leading to the entrance of St James Church, St James Way. Damage was also caused to a mailbox.