IN a world where increased violence and senseless anger outbursts are witnessed daily, there has never been a greater need for school children to be familiarised with controlling their anger states.

I pioneered anger management group courses in Great Britain 37 years ago whilst working as a Probation Officer in West Yorkshire.

A former Probation Officer, Relaxation Instructor, Stress Management Consultant and the author of 30 books, I have, in collaboration with headmaster, Stuart Merry of Huddersfield, produced a musical play called ‘Douglas the Dragon’ that enables schools to acquaint their pupils with the process of ‘anger management’ through the medium of text, drama and song: and at no cost at all, thanks to National Lottery funding.

Any school, individual or organisation globally can freely download this musical play from .This free download includes text, all 5 original songs and their backing tracks; thereby enabling any school to read, discuss or perform the musical play and modify to the age and ability of their children and young persons. My work has received the praise and support of many celebrities over the years including Princesses, Prime Ministers and Presidents (including the late Princess Diana and Nelson Mandela).

The Mirfield Anger Association exists to promote greater awareness of ‘anger control’, particularly in our school children and young persons.

We would urge any school or drama group to look at this musical play and to make free use of the material provided in the best manner it sees fit. Anyone wishing to initiate contact with me please email or phone 01924 499668.

William Forde

(Secretary of MAMA, Mirfield Anger Management Association