THE abolition of the 10% tax rate just shows how remote Brown and his Government are from the people.

Indeed, I guess that he and his so-called intelligent men have no comprehension of the numbers that this will affect when taking into account the low-paid self-employed, pensioners and home workers (who have literally no rights, as most have to sign away their rights to the minimum wage so that they can receive even a pittance for working from home).

Indeed, our political masters see only the figures that they wish to see. But, taking all in all, I would estimate with a little bit of common sense that around a fifth to a quarter of all UK workers and pensioners will be affected by this selfish attack on the poor of this country.

Talk about morals; our politicians certainly have none these days and they are constantly bringing the country to its knees with their ill- thought-out policies.

It won’t be long in my estimation before we see some serious unrest in this country; give it about another 10 years at the most. Our politicians will be surprised at the events, for in their narrow minds they will have done no wrong.

About time therefore that we had decent people running us and not people who think really very little of those who actually vote for them, the British people themselves.

Dr David Hill

World Innovation Foundation Charity Bern, Switzerland