FARE-dodgers on our railways cost us all money. It is inevitable. Railways are no different from any other business.

Revenue lost when people don’t buy a proper ticket is reflected in higher prices for the vast majority who do buy the correct ticket.

It is certainly a point of view taken by rail bosses who have applied to bring in automatic ticket barriers at Huddersfield station.

These are the kind of ticket gates already seen in other areas. Leeds is probably the nearest big city to have them.

Currently Huddersfield uses temporary barriers and staff to check people’s tickets. But with the new gates, no-one will be able to get off a train and leave the station without a ticket.

And for the fare-paying public and for station staff that has to be good news. For those who hold up the barriers as being a good way of managing the problem of fare dodging say the gates by their very nature reduce crime and antisocial behaviour and increase security for customers and employees.

If the barriers are installed and deliver all of those things without compromising safe and swift access to the station, particularly at busy times, then they are likely to be welcomed.