Agree there is some awful parking around but sometimes when you leave your car in the only spot available and everyone moves theirs......even you would comment "which idiot left their car like that"


Understandable, but will they go to other areas or just grit less?


I don’t know why everyone else has to suffer from non-gritted roads when one person chooses to park inconsiderately?

It would be nicer if the problem was dealt with more directly and the person responsible was held accountable.


Caldercliffe Road at Berry Brow is a constant no go as some people are just poor drivers and fail to think that emergency vehicles may need access as well as gritters etc


Shepley’s Megan Marsh, toddler helping to make premature babies and their parents smile this Christmas

What a nice gesture and lovely little girl. Nice to read happy stories.


Sir Patrick Stewart in battle against cancer ‘ageism’

Makes me angry that the government won't allow people to end their own lives prematurely when they are terminally ill from cancer and debilitating illnesses, but they allow the NHS to play Russian roulette when it comes to treatment allocation on the grounds of age. One rule for one.......

Fair play to Sir Patrick for championing this cause!