I READ with interest of the danger highlighted by the residents of Scammonden of the huge lorries laden with rocks and stones crossing the 150ft high bridge near the Brown Cow pub.

Agreed, this bridge is in need of a lick of paint. But more to the point, how long before a brick topples on to the M62 below, causing a calamitous accident?

Or how long before the next desperate person flings themselves off it to certain death?

Many times I’ve questioned why this bridge doesn’t have high, unclimbable barriers; the “suicide” bridge at Scarborough springs to mind.

Kirklees and Calderdale councils, please act soon before we hear of more casualties. A friend of mine jumped off the bridge when going through a dark time in her life. Maybe if barriers had been in place she may have got through this despair and lived.

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The choir were great too!

YES, the band was excellent at Saturday’s concert featuring Brighouse and Rastrick and Colne Valley Male Voice Choir, as Ron Massey said in his review.

But what about the choir? What wonderful singing, so exciting and how the audience enjoyed it (and showed it with a thunderous applause). In all the 35 years I’ve been hearing Colne Valley singing in concerts I rate last Saturday’s as one of the best.

d smith