BARRY Sheerman has been Huddersfield’s MP for longer than I’ve been alive and has earned the right to speak his mind.

However, I’m puzzled by his choice of topics.

On being served a substandard bacon sandwich he launches an attack on the labour market: “I’m not anti-immigrant, I’m pro-my constituents getting jobs first in line” and “it’s a very competitive world out there and my constituents resent that” (Examiner, April 25). I can assure him that I for one don’t resent competition.

He describes private equity bosses as “vermin” (Examiner, June 22). Is this the language we expect from our representative in the Commons?

Turning his attention to the population of Bradford, he describes the electorate of Huddersfield as “much more intelligent” than them (Examiner, June 20). On what basis he makes this sweeping statement is not clear.

And criticising George Galloway, he claims that “working for Huddersfield has always been my priority.” As his constituent, I would prefer that he, indeed, sticks to helping fix the dilapidated parts of the town centre and our public transport network.

This would be far better than criticising the immigration system, wealth creators and George Galloway who has done more to energise West Yorkshire politics in the last 12 months than some MPs have in their whole careers.

James Wilkinson


Torch and tickets

IT was a great turn out for the arrival of the Olympic Torch.

The rain kept off and there must have 1,000 people lining

the route where I was.

Everyone was enjoying the happy once-in-a-lifetime event.

There was free doughnuts and offers of teas and coffees when the Torch passed us by at the Baptist Church. It was a great spectacle.

Of course, it was spoilt by Kirklees Council and the traffic wardens – they were circling like sharks. Greedy Kirklees. Shame on you all.

You’d think it would be free parking on a iconic day like Sunday.

The tickets dished out were not fair. Those down the middle all got tickets.

The cars on the bottom road who were parked on the pavements were all ticket free. They were blocking the disabled way to the subway entrance.

Let’s get back to Greater Huddersfield and free parking on Sundays.

Hazel Spencer


Unscrabble my mind

WHEN I was a child and the weather was as bad as it is at the moment with the rain I would often play ludo, snakes and ladders or scrabble with my friends, but when I played the latter I would always find trouble with the needing letters, especially the letter J.

How many letters in the English language end in J. I can think of only two, Raj which was the period of British rule in India and Kadj the modern pilgrimage at Mecca. Can any readers think of more?

Colin Vause


UK tax dodges

NICE work if you can get it.

This country is rapidly heading towards becoming a ‘Banana Republic’ – a third world shambles.

Last week we heard of a massive tax evasion and tax avoidance schemes with our Prime Minister, no less, complaining, but surely it’s down to him and his government to get their act together and close these loopholes.

It isn’t fair that decent tax paying people should pay their way and yet thousands can work these ‘fiddles’ to deprive the country much needed funds by shipping them off to tax havens offshore.

I think most people in this country have had enough of huge payouts to banks, a reward for failure and dubious bonuses for virtually every senior executive. Come on Mr Cameron, get it sorted out!

Barry Fowler


Warm tribute to Sue

PLEASE may I, through your letters page, pay a tribute to the late Sue Dodsworth who passed away on June 9.

For a good number of years, until her retirement seven years ago, this wonderful lady was the manager of Lindley Special Care Unit which was a day care centre for adults with severe and profound learning disabilities. My own son was one of the clients (who are now called service users).

Sue was not only a gifted carer to the clients but a wonderful leader to her staff and a kind, caring friend to we parent/carers.

She was always willing to help in any way she could. She opened up many opportunities for the clients, encouraging them to be as normal as possible. They did many things too humorous to mention here that they had not had the opportunity to do before. Her cheerfulness and good humour helped to promote a happy atmosphere at the unit.

For two consecutive years under her leadership, Lindley Special Care Unit was awarded a Charter Mark which was a recognition of excellence from the government and very well deserved.

After her retirement Sue did many things to help people and was always willing and able to give help and advice when it was needed.

Many who knew Sue will want to send condolences to her daughter, grandchildren and family. Sue will be long remembered with gratitude.

Margaret Wyman


Band’s plea for help

FOLLOWING our recent victory at the Yorkshire Area 4th Section Brass Band Championships held in St George’s Hall, Bradford, in March, Linthwaite Band are Yorkshire Area Champions 2012.

Winning this contest earned us entrance into the National Brass Band Championship Finals to be held in September in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

The event has also coincided with the 160th anniversary of the formation of Linthwaite Band.

The band needs to raise finances to fund the transport and accommodation for the trip which will cost in the region of £4,000.

We are putting on a number of fund-raising concerts throughout the summer, but are seeking the help of local businesses and organisations to assist with raising the money.

If you are able to donate any amount, whether small or large, it would be very much appreciated.

Kindly send any donation (cheques made payable to Linthwaite Band) to Andrew Waterhouse, 29 Matthew Grove, Meltham, Huddersfield, HD9 5LY.

Andrew Waterhouse


Our brilliant volunteers

IT’S been a busy June with the nation’s eyes focused on the Queen’s Jubilee, the Olympic Torch touring the country, Euro 2012 and around the corner is Wimbledon.

For many, Volunteers’ Week (June 1-7), which celebrates the vital roles volunteers play across the country, went unnoticed.

Meningitis UK wishes to thank everyone who volunteers and supports us, whether they help in our Bristol office, in your area, or take part in fundraising events.

They are unsung heroes and never want recognition, but they are the backbone of our charity, keep us stable and – without doubt – deserve our eternal praise.

We just want them to know they are valued and we cherish all they do for Meningitis UK.

For more information on Meningitis UK and the work we do please visit

Steve Dayman

Founder, Meningitis UK

Thanks to everyone

I WOULD like to thank everyone who sponsored me for this year’s Examiner Charity Challenge. I raised a total of £219 for the Riding for the Disabled charity.

Also many thanks to all who attended my 60th birthday party at the Canalside Complex for the many gifts received.

Roy Waite