Hospitals see record casualty numbers as freezing rain and black ice cause chaos.

Well done to A&E and all those who struggled to meet the demand created by these extreme weather conditions.

It was sheet ice up our way and so bad that you couldn’t even stand on it.


1,000 oppose Marsden Fire Station closure but Fire Authority recommended to close it anyway

So they ask people for their opinions, they get the opinions and then ignore them anyway!

Also, councillors are elected to represent the views of the people they serve so why aren’t they allowed to? Surely it’s better one councillor talks at this meeting rather than 1,000 people from Marsden/the surrounding area?


Glass recycling ambitions shattered as Kirklees Council plans end of kerbside collections – rightly or wrongly?

Personally, I don’t have much of a problem with this issue as I visit the local rubbish centre with garden materials, etc, but there are folks who want to recycle but will now face problems because they can’t drop glass off at the recycling centres. More ‘igoos’ at pubs needed.


I care about recycling but the council is having to choose between recycling and basic social care.’’

I think we can now say that the Coalition government has lost its green credentials. When a Green such as Clr Andrew Cooper has to acknowledge that basic social care would suffer if the scheme was kept going it shows how tight funding is becoming.


Ah well, back to using the dustbin and adding to the landfill.