MOST of us find the routine of bin collection day pretty straightforward.

We have a set day of the week on which bins are collected with black and green containers emptied on alternate weeks. Simple. Or so the residents of Lower Quarry Road in Bradley thought.

When their bins weren’t emptied one Tuesday as they normally are they just thought there had been a hiccup in the system as sometimes happens.

But the hiccup was that the collection day had been changed to enable the use of a smaller vehicle on the route. Except no-one told the residents.

And there’s the nub of the problem. As it so often is with these things, lack of communication gets in the way of a good, common sense idea.

A smaller vehicle might well make more sense on this particular route but introducing it has proved anything but simple. A leaflet pushed through doors as binmen made their rounds prior to the switchover could easily have flagged up the coming change. Or is that too simple?