WITH all this talk of a looming recession we should batten down the hatches and revive that Second World War Battle of Britain spirit.

Forget about soaring food prices. It’s time we started eating snoek and Spam fritters again.

Snoek? It was canned fish – a South African seafish – imported into Britain at the height of rationing.

We had our backs to the metaphorical wall, the only nation in Europe still standing against Hitler, and what did we get?

Inedible fish in a tin.

And Spam, which many people still eat. My mate Kev swears that lightly fried Spam tops anything Gordon Ramsey might conjure.

Bring back those days when imports were non-existent and the Home Front survived on one egg per person per week.

We’ll soon have Ronnie Recession on the Run if we Dig For Victory and produce our own vegetables.

Go on, plough up the back lawn and grow your own chips and learn to love those stews and hotpots of the war years that came without meat.

Still not convinced? Then how about those 1940s delicacies fish pie, bone and vegetable soup and Mock Duck that was made with lentils, onions, sage and mashed potatoes.

And with those ingredients no wonder it was mocked.

Whalemeat was also introduced to make up for the lack of beef and lamb.

My mother used to eat whalemeat and blubber (all together now …) and if you had to eat whalemeat, you’d blubber.

Sweets and sugar were rarities, although condensed milk and orange juice were provided for children.

Fortunately fish and chips were always available and Bovril was the hot drink and sandwich filling that kept everyone going.

And do you know what? After several years of this drastic change in diet the nation was healthier than ever before.

So bring back rationing to beat inflation and win the battle against obesity, too.

Go on, Mr Brown. You know it makes sense.