IT IS impossible for normal people to understand the warped logic of the hoax caller.

The sort of idiot who dials 999 for ‘a laugh’ is way beyond simply having an immature, childish or misplaced sense of humour.

Today we report how 813 hoax calls were made to police in the Kirklees area.

Now, in a bid to educate young people, the police service have invited members of the Kirklees Youth Parliament to their call centre.

The hope is that what they learn there will be passed on to others who will get an understanding of the impact of their malicious actions.

We can only hope that shock value gives children pause for thought.

The fire, police and ambulance services are all stretched, often to breaking point.

Diverting them to maliciously dreamed-up non-events almost certainly puts the lives of genuine victims at risk.

It also ensures that we pay more in taxes to support the services as they strive to operate under, seemingly ceaseless, strain.

If ever there was a bona-fide case for the return of the stocks, hoax callers is it.

Perhaps they would not find that quite so funny.