I WOULD like to draw your attention to the problems being caused by changes to the bus services at Heights, Linthwaite. As a non-driver public transport is an essential part of my daily life ie travelling to and from work.

At first I understood that the 305 would just bypass Milnsbridge. However, it now appears this is not the case. It seems that Gillroyd Lane residents have very few buses unless they attempt a walk to Blackmoorfoot, where there are no pavements and a hazardous junction, or a trek to Linthwaite Church; not advisable alone on dark nights. This may be an impossibility for the elderly and infirm.

A very large number of people work 9am to 5pm. According to the new times the first available bus to return home by would be 6.10pm. I feel that no consideration whatsoever has been given to the public’s needs in this respect.

I also feel that not all new timetables were available early enough for people to plan their routes to and from work. This was very disappointing.

At a time when we are constantly being encouraged to use public transport for the improvement of the environment it would be helpful if there were regular transport services to use!

Miss Joanna Hirst