IN reply to “Annoyed of Lindley” (Mailbag April 12) and his problem with an overflowing grey bin since the switch to fortnightly collections, it certainly makes you think about what can be recycled.

There are seven people in our house – five of them young children. So far we have not had a problem. We have two green bins and one grey. In two weeks, the grey bin is almost full and we manage to fill one and a half green bins.

I believe that “Annoyed of Lindley” is just the type of “normal” person Kirklees are trying to change the mindset of by changing the collection dates to fortnightly.

I don’t often agree with the council, but in this case they have got it just about spot on. It’s amazing what can be recycled with just a little work.

I do, however, have a couple of gripes. Why only a monthly glass collection? This should be fortnightly. The main complaint though is the amount of waste that could be recycled, ie yoghurt cartons, Tetrapaks and other plastic that we still have to put in the grey bin. Surely, with the onus Kirklees is putting on the council tax payers to recycle, they should get their house in order by upgrading their recycling facilities. Would Kirklees like to tell us a bit more on the timescale of this?

Richard Brook