IT is unfortunate that three days before the birth of our second child came the announcement that the nursery of our choice is to be closed. As yet another final decision has been made and Cambridge Road Nursery is again doomed.

Things of note that were not mentioned when the decision was announced must include the findings of the “independent” audit report (carried out by Kirklees Council’s very own audit manager).

Conclusions were that the figures used for the initial closure in October, 2007, provided an “inaccurate picture” and were indeed “incorrect”.

Secondly, the new set of figures hurriedly passed through by the Cabinet are again “unaudited” and “represent only a snapshot”.

With dossiers as dodgy as these it is likely even Tony Blair would have blushed (well probably not).

For Kirklees Early Years Services (Keys) to produce official documents as poor as these and then use them to facilitate the closure of public facilities beggars belief.

It would have been interesting if these documents had been challenged legally. Unfortunately the parents are in no financial position to do so.

It is hoped that from our elected representatives we would have had some transparency and not a little honesty.

Unfortunately in “small town politics”, where saving face with party colleagues is a priority – especially leading up to the May elections – then the decision made was indeed inevitable. This whole shameful episode highlights how public services can be removed when the power is passed into the wrong hands.

Jon and Ginny