TODAY’S feature on grandparents and their increasing involvement in childcare will strike a chord with many readers.

Times have changed drastically over the last 30 years and most families don’t have the ‘luxury’ of the mother taking a few years off work to bring up a family.

With house prices now at ridiculous – some would say unaffordable levels – and families facing massive mortgage payments along with a high cost of living, both parents often have to go to work full-time just to try to make ends meet.

Childcare costs are also astronomical so grandparents are certainly saviours when it comes to caring for the kids.

It means that, generally-speaking, grandparents have more interaction with their grandchildren than in the past which can be very good for both. But when it comes to caring so parents can go out to work, there are two ways to look at it.

Some grandparents will relish the role and do have the time and desire to do it. But for many others no doubt they had big plans for their retirement and caring for the grandchildren could cut across those hopes.

It could even lead to resentment. As with all things in life there needs to be a middle ground to suit everyone – and to get to that stage families need to sit down together and have a full and frank discussion to make sure everyone is happy with the arrangement.

If not, things could lead to a family rift which would be the worst possible scenario for the children, parents, and grandparents.