ASK most people who they think are the biggest danger on the roads and they will probably say boy racers.

But step forward their parents – for it’s the older drivers who break the motoring laws more often.

Which just goes to show the dangers of falling into cliches and stereotypes – it turns out that morons behind the wheel come in all ages.

While plenty of resources are thrown into targeting drivers in the 16-24 age group, there is a lesson here that we should not neglect a focus on the more mature person – the Jeremy Clarkson generation.

Figures in the Examiner today show that the typical profile of a speeding driver is men aged between 35 and 55, who should know better – people with family responsibilities, some of them even grandfathers.

Perhaps used to the freedom of the road during an age when speeding and even drink-driving was more socially acceptable, they have become set in their ways.

From today’s evidence, it is clear that new campaigns are needed to drum home the anti-drink driving and speeding messages to this older age group.

Compulsory refresher sessions may also be needed if we are to have safer roads in future.