REGARDING the proposed closure of New Laithe Hill – which connects Lowerhouses to Newsome – to through traffic. I wish to comment as I have used this road regularly for many years.

I have never experienced any arguments with drivers disputing who goes first. On the contrary, I have been impressed with the common sense and courteous attitude of drivers. I wonder if Clr Cooper has actually witnessed a driver dispute? I am not aware of any accidents on this road, but of course all roads have their share of unfortunate collisions, but we don’t close them do we?

Closure will lead to increased traffic on the other roads serving the area, particularly Longley Lane, Kaye Lane and High Lane junctions. Five or 10 minutes could be added to response times for emergency vehicle call outs.

I wonder who thought up this idea to close an important highway which has existed for centuries. Perhaps it’s a case of Nimbyism. A private drive for exclusive use by residents but paid for by taxes. Finally, just a thought. Why not upgrade and widen the road instead if the money must be spent.

clive mather