THE saga regarding Council Leader Clr Mehboob Khan and Freedom Of Information requests goes on and on.

After we revealed that Clr Khan had been intervening in FOI responses, it now turns out that the investigation into his conduct will be held behind closed doors.

That’s hardly freedom of information on such an important issue and surely sends the wrong message out from the council.

When requests are made for Freedom Of Information, people have the right to that information without any interference whatsoever so there is an important principle at stake here.

That’s why it is important any inquiry is conducted in an open manner – or a full explanation as to why it should be held in secret.

That concern is compounded by the fact that the council will not tell us where the hearing will be held – or its date.

In a democratic society this takes us back to the age-old saying, but one which still rings very true today.

Justice must be seen to be done and nothing less than that is acceptable.