BURGLARYLongwood, July 19. Europrofile lock in upvc patio door snapped. Victim heard noises and disturbed three raiders who made off on foot to vehicle parked further down street. They then sped off down Birks Road towards Milnsbridge.Longwood, July 14. Raiders opened unlocked upvc window and suspect climbed halfway through but was disturbed by victim in next room. Suspect jumped back outside and ran away up street with second suspect. JB Schofield & Sons Ltd, High House Lane, Linthwaite, July 19. Raiders cut hole in steel sheeting and stole scrap metal. Outlane, July 17. Europrofile lock on upvc front door snapped and items stolen including car keys, used to steal vehicle – later recovered. Café, Wood Street, Longwood. July 14. Thief stole till from under counter. Cowlersley, July 17. Raider attacked lock and hinges on shed door and stole golf and plumbing equipment. Milnsbridge, July 18. Two mountain bikes stolen from shed. Nisa Local Shop, Rufford Road, Milnsbridge, July 18. Raider got in through roof activating alarm. Nothing stolen.

CRIMINAL DAMAGECowlersley, July 13.Garden fence panels damaged. Golcar, July 15. Stones taken from drystone wall and thrown at bathroom window smashing outer pane.

VEHICLE CRIMECowlersley, July 16. Both wing mirrors on vehicle smashed. Suspect made off in large group but was found nearby and arrested. Zamzam, Carr Lane, Slaithwaite, July 16. Driver’s window smashed to get into vehicle and steal cash. Man arrested. Cowlersley, July 16. Wing mirror smashed. Male arrested. Slaithwaite, July 16. Passenger side car window smashed inside. Search made and cigarettes and keys stolen. Male arrested. Slaithwaite July 13. Front car window smashed, glovebox searched but nothing stolen. Slaithwaite Health Centre, New Street, July 15. Ford Focus stolen, but later recovered. Colne Valley Leisure Centre, New Street, Slaithwaite, July 15. Raider got into car by smashing front side windows and stole mobile phone. Youth arrested. Slaithwaite, July 15. Car window smashed with brick but nothing stolen. Slaithwaite, July 15. Two men in small white car stole number plates from parked car. Slaithwaite, July 15. Front vehicle window smashed glovebox searched but nothing stolen. Man arrested. Linthwaite, July 16. Wing mirror smashed and left dangling by wires. Golcar, July 15. Car badly scratched. Golcar, July 15. Vandal scratched zig zag pattern along nearside panel of vehicle. Golcar, July 15. Car bodywork scratched. Golcar, July 16. Wing mirror smashed.

THEFTColltex, Spa Fields Industrial Estate, New Street, Slaithwaite July 15. Large quantity of second hand shoes stolen from trailer parked in yard. Marsden, July 15. Plants and bulbs stolen from plot of land.