The theme of Sunday service at St John’s Church was praise and encouragement in today’s world. Churchwarden Helen Davis, who led the service, asked the congregation to write down the things about the church and church family that they were most thankful for. These were read out at a later stage and Helen noted that older people seldom get the encouragement and praise that might help them to feel more confident and joyful. Marion Hall gave the first reading from 1 Thessalonians, chapter 5, verses 12-19. Sunday Club had been looking at praise and encouragement in a sports day setting and each of the children received a medal to reward them for their effort and enthusiasm. The final reading from Philippians chapter 4, verses 4-9 was given by Marion Hall and the pianist was Ann Norton.

Sunday morning worship at Golcar Baptist Church was led by the Rev Chris Thompson. The children’s talk was about animals and birds, their differences and specialities. Genesis 6, verses nine-22 was the basis for the adult address about building a place of refuge. The organist was Chris Woodhead.


The theme for the service at Linthwaite Methodist Church was Action for Children Sunday, led by Mr Ian Baxter. Mr Ed Archer-Siddall read from Exodus 2 verses 1-9 – the story of a Moses in the bulrushes. Ian then spoke on the topic ‘What the Church does for children,’ which included a reference to the old part of our building which was originally built as a Wesleyan School in 1873. Ed Archer-Siddall read from Mark 9 verses 33-37 and Mark 10 verses 13-15 – the story of the children being brought to Jesus. The own arrangement service continued with Ali Baxter talking about working in a special school. Mrs Linda Nuttall was the organist and Peter Stead operated the audio visual equipment. The theme of the service was fitting as members of the church are currently working to refurbish and redecorate part of the old building in preparation for a new breakfast, after school and holiday club which is due to open in September. After the service, the children and members of the church held their annual Sunday School picnic in Beaumont Park, where candles were lit and blown out on cakes to celebrate the birthdays of Sam Loftus, and Linda Marshall.

The morning service at Christ Church was led by the Rev Jenni Honeyman. Ian Blakeley preached and prayed. Peter Linsell-Fraser read the first lesson and Ann Leigh read the second. The Rev Jenny gave the blessing and Derek Horne played the organ. On Sea Sunday choral evensong was led by the Rev Jenny Honeyman who read the second lesson. Margaret McQuillan read the first lesson. Ann Leigh preached and prayed. Derek Horne was the organist.


On Saturday at St Mark’s church the annual Summer Fayre was held in and around the church.

On the third Sunday after Trinity the monthly Family Service at St Mark’s Church was led by Rev Harry Gwinnett. Music was by Phil Turner and his group of musicians and choir. As the congregation assembled they were greeted with the group playing Now Is The Time To Worship. On arrival everyone was given a small seed, and were told they would learn, during the service, the reason for the seeds. Harry proclaimed banns of marriage for Gavin Campbell and Stephanie Knapton for the second time. Following the words of welcome the first song was Shine Jesus Shine, with the customary hand-clapping. The sung Gloria followed and He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands, with appropriate actions led by the children and followed by the congregation. Harry continued by reading The Gospel, during which an amusing cartoon, about The Parable of the Sower, was shown on the big screen and people were invited to take their seeds to the front of church and plant them in small pots of compost, provided by youngsters Grace and Caitlin. The seeds were to be taken home watered and looked after until the Autumn fair when they will be judged. Sharing of the Peace was followed with a question and answer sequence between Harry and Grace about Communion. During Communion Harry was assisted by Pat Jessop. Before concluding the service with the singing of the Celtic Blessing notices were read by church warden Judith Pearson which included the £600 plus raised from the Summer Fayre, with some money still to come in. Judith also reminded everyone about the Hog Roast next weekend at St John’s.


At the United Church, Sunday was the Junior Church and Tweenies (the younger members of Junior Church) Anniversary. The service was led by Francis Horton, with the Tweenies and Junior Church taking an active role. The organist was Chris Cooke.The Tweenies displayed their work from the last term, which was based around Noah's Ark and also gave a screen presentation of the children in a normal Sunday setting. The congregation saw the children singing, listening to Bible stories, making things to bring the story alive and of course having fun too. Junior Church also showed a screen presentation, but this was to invite the congregation to join in an action song with the help of puppeteers Owen, Emma and Jake, with Jez Hackett demonstrating the actions. After the screen presentation, the young people of Junior Church told the congregation what they had been doing over the past year. The children’s contribution to the service was well received. Francis Horton related a story to the children about children in Sunday Schools from the past, where the children collected half-pennies (also called ship half-pennies) to raise money for John Williams Missionary ships. At the end of the service the young people of Junior Church were presented with books by Peter Hirst, an Elder and Steward of the church, for their attendance and enthusiasm over the past year. Tweenies also received gifts of 'Smile Jesus Loves You' play-balls from their leaders.The refreshments after the service were served by Ian Hemingway.

Holy Communion at St Bartholomew’s on Sunday was led by the vicar, the Rev Geoff Garside. Joan Biggs, Licensed Reader, read the Gospel from Matthew 13 and offered prayers of intercession.Christine Garside read the lessons from Romans 8 and Isaiah 55. Ian Hunter was the organist. The sidesmen were Joan Bradbury, Mary Horn and Sharon Turner. Coffee was served in the hall by Noreen Carr and Audrey Armitage.

Services continue on Tuesdays at 9.30am and the church will remain open until 3pm in July and August for visitors to look round , listen to readings and music, quiet meditation, or a chat and refreshments.


At Milnsbridge Christadelphians’ Sunday evening Bible talk Andrew Wilkinson presided and Martin Spencer gave an illustrated talk entitled “ The last great earthquake to come.” He looked at earthquakes and the important events associated with them, as well as the Bible prophecy concerning future events and the last great earthquake to come.

On Wednesday evening at the Bible class there was a change to the proposed subject and speaker, Martin Spencer spoke on The Law of Liberty.

The seminar group met at 7pm on Thursday July 14, to conclude the study of the Epistle of James, led by Martin Spencer. Next Sunday at 6pm, Kevin Waterhouse is to speak about “God’s promised kingdom.” Visitors as always are most welcome.


Parkwood Methodist Church provided refreshments and stalls in the Town Hall on Saturday. Thank you to all the helpers on the day and the people who came along to visit and supported them.

Marion Lloyd welcomed the congregation to Parkwood Methodist Church on Sunday morning. Service leader was Barbara Rushforth, assisted by bible readers Freda Lloyd and Sandra McSweeney. Pianist was Rhianydd Booth. Rev Pamela Ward led the communion service assisted by Renee Wyatt and Audrey Holdsworth. Coffee was served after the service by Margaret Noble and Christine Johnson.

A community breakfast will be held at Parkwood Methodist Church today, 9.30am-12noon.


St James Parish Church Mother’s Union had no speaker this month, instead members went over the tops to Dobcross for lunch at the garden centre.

Slaithwaite Good Companions met on Thursday and Hilary Ellis introduced one of the members, Wendy Blackburn, who did a number of floral arrangements. There was plenty time for questions and answers and arrangements were then raffled and won by Ethel Shaw, Margaret Ingham, Bessie Whitwam, Patricia Parkinson and Pauline Ayre. Wendy was thanked for a pleasant afternoon by Margaret Sturdy. Maureen Weaving was the pianist.

At St James parish Church, Holy Communion service was led by the Rev Robin Townsend, assisted by Raymond Denton. The lesson from Isaiah chapter 55 from verse 10, God’s Offer of Mercy was read by Raymond. The Gospel Matthew 13 was the Parable of the Sower and the address by Rev Robin was on the purpose of the Parables and how Jesus explained them and how the stories are right up to date in today’s world. Prayers were by Margaret Ingham and the organist was Alvi Whitehead.

The Rev Jo Archer-Siddal led Sunday morning worship at the Methodist Church. She introduced two members from the Westwood Christian Centre who spoke of the work being done there and invited everyone to visit and experience the peace or simply to sit and meditate. The Rev Jon read from Numbers Chapter 13 and preached on Vision, using the four headings Inspiration, Investigation, Irritation and Imagination. She talked of the vision we have for our church Seeing the End from the Beginning. The service included Holy Communion and Margaret Stephenson was the pianist.