IT appears that our local councillors are calling for a new co-ordinated approach in deciding how cash contributions are spent in the Kirklees area.

One way is to change our town’s name to Littersfield or employ more Wombles to clear up this constant mess. The litter from the bridge over the river at Damside was cleaned up and it was as bad within a week. The land alongside the footpaths known as Catsteps and the Bandwalk are always full of litter, despite the Green Party clearing this area every now and then. Kirklees Council is aware of the worst litter areas, but nobody gets caught depositing it.

Granville Marsh

Primrose Hill

Now let the matter rest

TEN years, and so much wild accusation and mud slinging by the rich bereaved Mohammed Al Fayed, especially at the Duke of Edinburgh – calling him even a racist and a Nazi which in a ordinary case would be classed as slander.

Now 11 ordinary people (jury) didn’t find any new important factor as to the tragic death of Princess Diana and those killed with her.

It is debatable if that huge amount of money paid by the taxpayers and, above all, the police resources spent on it, instead of tackling crimes plaguing the ordinary people, was worth it as not a single factor to the tragic death came to light, as was known 10 years ago.

There is a hope now, after Mohammed Al Fayed accepted the jury’s verdict, that the vast majority of sensible people will let the matter rest.

Tony Sosna


The Olympic bus!

WHAT a remarkably flexible public transport system they must have in Paris. Do you think it would be permissible to take an Olympic torch on a Huddersfield bus?

Brian Horton

Berry Brow

Septic tank problems

MAY I compliment the council on planting the beautiful Scandinavian pine trees which are trying to hide the septic tank in the Lindley Moor playing fields.

Would not the money have been better spent in cleaning it out, so as to prevent the contents overflowing on to the football pitch, which at the present time it is doing.

The thought of a long hot summer and our budding David Beckhams having to be inoculated before every match does not bear thinking about.

M Wadsworth

Salendine Nook

Where’s the common sense?

MY daily national newspaper (April 4), which shall be nameless, featured the court case on a plot to blow transatlantic airliners.

In the end column were the almost exact instructions on how the bombs were made up.

I do not understand the logic of this. Doesn’t common sense ever enter into the media presentation of today’s news, or has the world gone completely mad?

Kathleen Etches