I WAS interested to read in the Examiner of a Kirklees Council Cabinet decision to delay the opening date of a new merged Stile Common Junior and Infant School at Newsome until September next year.

However, as the proposed new school has not yet got planning permission I hope the Cabinet decision will not put people off making a contribution to the planning consultation process, which is going ahead right now, by making any comments before May 9.

The school merger proposals were drawn up some time ago, but this planning process is the first opportunity for the residents of Newsome and beyond to comment on the appropriateness of the site for a much larger school.

There has been no consultation with the local population about any alternative sites.

Councillors must have known at a very early stage that there would be problems with planning permission for this larger school on this site as the land is an area of urban green space, along a green corridor and prominent in the view towards Castle Hill and Newsome from many areas of Huddersfield.

There were also well-known access issues and the site is next to a TV mast on which there are also eight mobile phone main transmitters.

The proposed site is not central to its catchment area and would mean a walk up the entire Newsome hill for some young families with infant and nursery children.

I hope that anybody with an interest in this area will avail themselves fully about all the pros and cons about this school plan and make any appropriate comments, now that the stage for public input about its siting and building design has finally arrived.

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