TWO stories today show the importance of local newspapers in 2010.

All local and regional newspapers – and probably many nationals too – face a constant battle to keep readers in the face of rival media in these days of fast-moving technology.

Of course, no-one else comes close to reporting the Huddersfield news as effectively, objectively and comprehensively as the Examiner.

But we are also here to do all we can to push for what is right and to use our literary muscle to make a difference to people’s lives.

We have done countless stories about the terrible state of local roads and the vast number of potholes that have appeared over the bitter winter.

We went further than most newspapers by going to one of the most badly affected – Smithy Lane in Moldgreen – and painstakingly counting the potholes there – all 124 of them.

It grabbed the national media’s attention and was followed up by radio, TV and national newspapers.

But now that blighted small stretch of road has been resurfaced, much to the residents’ delight and one, Sharon Haggarty, is in no doubt it was down to the power of the Examiner. She said: “You can tell it’s been in the paper otherwise it would never have been done.’’

In the other story the Examiner has been praised by pensioners in Newsome who were annoyed by the way their old flower beds had been left to decay while Kirklees Council planted around 900,000 bulbs elsewhere.

After the story appeared, Kirklees sprang into action and sorted out the flower beds on Croftlands. One of the residents, Denise Hallas, said: “It has to have something to do with the Examiner because it had been left for 30 years.’’

So, if you feel action is needed why not contact the Examiner’s newsdesk with your story. After all, that’s why we’re here.