FOLLOWING Kirklees Council’s recommendation to recycle suitable decomposable waste I duly purchased a composting bin. Five months later I have had an infestation of rats. Because it came to my attention at the weekend I was unable to contact anyone from the council’s pest control. Fearing I may have a house infestation I contacted a private pest control company and had to pay the grand total of £90 for the service which, if you include the survey, took only 20 minutes. Be warned.

Anthony Smith


Big problem for the future

THERE has been controversy recently about the collection of bins from weekly to fortnightly. But what about the problem of rats?

Rats have been sighted in the town centre. I recently observed one on my back lane. England has an estimated rat population of 60m, which is expected to increase in the next decade. This means pest control has not got the situation sorted.

To call Kirklees out for rat catching costs well over £50; can less well-off people afford that? Rats love the build-up of garbage, restaurants throwing food out of the back, overflowing bins. Humans can catch Weil’s disease from rats, as we all should be aware. Rats could be a long- term problem and we should not ignore the fact. Unless people are more vigilant we will have a major problem. Rubbish should be collected regularly, unless we want to be faced with a very large rat population.

Colin Vause