CLR Christine Stanfield finds the new entrance to Huddersfield Town Hall “a damp squib” (Examiner, April 8).Š I agree, but why didn’t she object when the plans were drawn up in 2005?

It’s bad enough the Town Hall being up a back street to start with (there were prolonged arguments about location before it was built, as detailed in one of Gordon and Enid Minter’s books), now we have the main entrance on the least attractive side.ŠOnly the demolition of the Ramsden House block is likely to make any difference; fingers crossed that this will eventually happen.Š

As for a Clr Stanfield’s suggestion for a competition to find “something modern and inspirational”, it’s difficult to think of a worse idea.

Š There isn’t a building in the country that can’t have its aesthetics sacrificed on the altar of disabled rights, thanks to the bleeding-heart liberals in local and national government. Would it have been difficult to improve access for the disabled between the side and main doors, and keep the entrance where it was? Or is it a politically-correct imperative that we all share the pain?ŠAnother £250,000 wasted.

Richard Huddleston

West Slaithwaite