TODAY’S news that Kirklees Council wrote off £2.75m of unpaid council tax in 2006/07 is a massive disappointment.

The figure is the 8th highest in the country and disturbing when you compare it with the neighbouring and far bigger Leeds district, where £1.65m was written off.

While council chiefs insist that they are chasing arrears all the time, today’s figures make it clear that the pursuit is not as successful as it should be.

The simple fact is that there are thousands of households in Kirklees which have not paid their tax. It is up to the council to explain to those people who are paying more than £1,000 a year why they have failed to catch up with those who have not settled their bills.

How can such a staggering number of people have slipped through the council’s net and not paid up?

Just imagine what could be done with that £2.75m.