AN Almondbury councillor is urging people to use a new bus service.

Following a consultation by Metro and a campaign by Clr Linda Wilkinson, an additional 342 service from the town centre to Almondbury has been introduced on Monday to Friday.

It leaves the Bus Station at 6.05pm.

However, the bus will only run for a trial period of six months, after which its future will be reviewed.

Clr Wilkinson said: “This new service is welcome as it will help more people who finish work around 5.30 to get a fast service from the Town Centre to the village, without having to travel via Moldgreen, Waterloo and Fernside.

“Following cuts to bus services over the last few years, the evening service from Huddersfield to Almondbury is still inadequate.

“However, it’s crucial that local people show their support.

“I can then use this to press for a more regular and reliable service on what is a popular route.”