WITH reference to the letter in Monday’s Examiner “Crash Site Visit in 1960” from Tony Sosna, we visited the crashed aircraft on the Saturday following the crash in 1945.

It was guarded by a policeman and we were not allowed to touch the aircraft. He said they were waiting for the Americans to sabotage it.

Mr Harold Mellor


Taxing the poor is wrong

I WISH to express my concern at the abolition of the 10p tax rate.

I would ask your readers to consider the plight of people who will be affected by this decision. These are people who in the main are unable to attract a reasonable level of income due to their circumstances. Therefore, how can it be right to ask them to pay more tax than people who are able to attract a decent wage.

I cannot believe I am complaining about a Labour Government who are making poor people even poorer. Is Mr Brown losing it?

Michael Burchill


Local contributions all that matter

LARGE multinational supermarkets do not contribute to local economies in the same way that migrant workers do not bring sheds full of money with them. The only thing that contributes to local economies is local employment in local manufacturing industries.

A Jenkinson