THERE is no doubt that Kirklees Council has to save millions of pounds in the coming years – and today we reveal some of the latest creative thinking going on to boost revenue.

The council wants to charge all new properties £25 for a grey bin to be delivered – yet the person who has to fork out for it will still not own it. Now that’s creative.

At the moment the council collects garden waste from homes for free and over the last year its workers have made 65,000 collections from 20,000 households.

Many readers will no doubt be surprised as they never knew such a service existed.

After all, many people take their garden rubbish to council tips across the district and wouldn’t think of calling the council to pick it up.

But don’t forget there are thousands of people who do not have their own cars – and there are many elderly people who do not have relatives who can take their rubbish to the tip.

They are the ones who will be stuck with the new fee system as they don’t have an alternative.

Kirklees Council expects the demand to plummet once the charges are introduced which makes you think that the system is being abused by some who could get rid of their own waste now.

But people can do something to help their elderly neighbours.

Why not offer to take their garden waste next time you’re going to a Kirklees Council tip.

Another downside to all this is that there will be lazy people who will hide their garden waste in the bottom of their grey bins or simply throw it away in the countryside.

So expect some hefty fines if they’re caught.