BURGLARY ALERT: Police have issued this warning to residents after a spate of house burglaries in the Bradley, Fartown and Brackenhall areas. “We are calling for increased vigilance and are urging people not to hesitate in calling 999 if seeing any suspicious activity around homes.”

BRADLEY: Nov 12. Vehicle set on fire and destroyed.

Nov 13. Glass smashed in integral garage door then spade used to try to prise open side door. Glass in side door then smashed to get into house, activating alarm.

Nov 14. Vandal scratched vehicle bodywork.

Nov 15. Burglar broke rotary airer using metal pole to smash hole in back casement window. Raider then smashed front upvc window with pole to get into house.

BIRKBY: Nov 13. Raiders got into house and assaulted and threatened occupants before robbing them of property.

Nov 17. Vandal threw bottle of cider through downstairs living room window.

Nov 14. Raider smashed driver’s door window to get into vehicle and steal cash.

FARTOWN: Nov 16. Intruder snapped europrofile lock on back upvc kitchen door. Two mobile phones stolen.

Nov 16. Burglar snapped europrofile lock on upvc door and stole electrical goods.

Vandal damaged front door of house.

Nov 17. Raider tried to lever open wooden door to first floor flat, but could not get in.

DEIGHTON: Nov 12. Thief stole spare wheel from underneath vehicle.

Nov 18. Huddersfield Audi, Neptune Way, Deighton. Raider smashed front passenger window of car and stole stereo system.

BRACKENHALL: Nov 16. Europrofile lock on back upvc door snapped and electrical goods stolen.

Nov 18. Europrofile lock on back door snapped to get into house, activating alarm.

SHEEPRIDGE: Nov 18. Burglar snapped europrofile lock on back upvc door to get into house and escaped with electrical goods.