LINDLEY: Nov 5. Copper and lead piping stolen from house undergoing renovation works.

Nov 8. Raider smashed glass in patio doors to get into house. Jewellery stolen.

Nov 8. Sneak thief got into car through nearside window and stole handbag.

Nov 10. Elderly woman answered door to suspect who told her that he needed to turn on her taps for repairs. He visited other parts of the house while the woman was distracted. Nothing is believed to have been stolen.

OAKES: Nov 7. Damage caused to central locking on vehicle.

Nov 9. Suspect used ladders from garden to climb on to the flat roof at rear of the house. A brick was then used to smash a window and get into bathroom. Nothing was taken as the alarm was activated.

SALENDINE NOOK: Nov 7. At Sainsbury’s car park in Moor Hill Road. A gully cover was stolen from the road side.

Nov 10: Raider got into vehicle by smashing driver’s side window and then tried to start vehicle.

PADDOCK: Nov 4. Glass panel in back door of takeaway on Church Street smashed to get inside, but nothing is believed to have been stolen.

MARSH: Nov 6. Suspect got into car, possibly unlocked and wallet and its contents stolen.