DEAN Hoyle is the best chairman Huddersfield Town have ever had.

Not only does he invest millions of pounds in the playing squad and improve infrastructure of the club, he doesn’t expect anything back. He is a fan, just like me.

Upon hearing his comments over the weekend I applaud his honesty.

The thing that frustrates me is that he even had to justify himself in the first place!

I am a season-ticket holder who goes regularly to away matches and can honestly say I have not heard one fan question where the £8m has gone from the sale of Jordan Rhodes.

This leads me to my next point – ‘the keyboard warriors’ as the chairman so aptly described them.

They do not speak for the majority of us fans and are not the mouthpiece for normal Town fans.

I understand the importance of social networking and websites, but we are giving people way too much credit for the opinions they offer.

There are 50 or so regulars on such websites who I cast doubt on whether they attend games most of the time.

For example, recently Jermaine Beckford has been given all kinds of stick and for what?

Oh yes, he played for Leeds United so he doesn’t try or care. Of course he does, he’s a professional.

Town are in the Championship and will hopefully retain that status.

It has taken us a long time to get back into this division and I am desperate for us to remain.

If the worst happened and we did get relegated, then I’ll be back in August with the other 10,000 die-hards.

And it will be safe in the knowledge that we have a very successful businessman running our club who luckily happens to be a Terrier.

I just hope that Dean Hoyle realises that 95% of fans want him to remain for decades and ignore the negative culture that permeates through websites like Twitter.

Gary Eastwood

Wheatley, Halifax

Town’s season tickets

I WAS interested to read Dean Hoyle’s report regarding season tickets as I have written to him personally at the club about a couple of queries on this subject.

At the time of writing this letter I have not received a reply.

However, two years ago the last time prices were increased I wrote then with the same queries and never received a reply.

The queries raised were why is the biggest increase in price for senior citizens?

The majority of this group will have been following Town for well over 50 years.

And, secondly, why are the details published in the press a week before these arrive from the club to the members’ doors?

Finally, as an aside, I wonder if the 10,000 figure which Mr Hoyle hopes for will be achieved especially after this season’s poor entertainment value under two managers.


Berry Brow

Litter deters tourists

I APPLAUD the Calderdale clean up. The point made that littering is anti-social is very valid.

However, the sheer volume of packaging, waste and wind means that councils need to be pragmatic and make contingency plans for when litter gets out of control.

I bring tourists from Japan now and again, especially groups who are keen to get off the beaten track of Peter Rabbit and Shakespeare.

In this respect Yorkshire has much to offer but if a location is litter strewn or, indeed, unpredictable in terms of presentation that location cannot be chosen.

Recently a walk between Elsecar and Wentworth village was so upsetting that no future groups will be taken there.

It is possible to argue about the wind and snow causing the problem or to blame anti-social behaviour but tourism waits for no man and locals and foreigners alike will move on to where the grass is literally greener.

So, well done Calderdale for making yourself both visually and economically attractive.

If ongoing, it’s time and money well spent.

Karen Quartermain


Closing our hospitals

H BARROWCLOUGH’S letter (Wednesday, April 24) regarding the selective closing of local hospitals brought back echoes of the precursors to the privatisation of the mining industry where pits were systematically closed to make the remaining ones more profitable and therefore more attractive to potential purchasers ...

Allen Jenkinson


Poor road conditions

SO the condition of our roads is due to government cuts.

What a pathetic and predictable excuse. Our roads have always been poor.

I can remember how frequently the exhaust brackets on my motor scooter were wrenched apart by bad road surfaces – in the mid 1960s!

By how much were our roads improved during the 13 years of Labour government?

Whatever was done during that time is surely coming apart now because of the usual reasons – poor standards of construction and maintenance, using unsuitable materials.

As I drive around the area I am struck by the number of recently laid surfaces which are now succumbing to pothole fever.

This should simply not happen. And let us not forget, they are roads which were resurfaced at a time when there were no Tory government cuts.

So, my Labour friends, please look for a more credible and worthy excuse.

Alan Starr


Alfred Moore’s farm

WITH regard to the letter from Stephen Priest about Alfred Moore, I would make the following observation.

Mr Priest starts off his letter with the phrase: “We will probably never know for sure whether or not Alfred Moore shot two police officers in 1951.”

If we are not sure, this doubt should be given in favour of the accused, Alfred Moore, and all effort should be made to have his conviction overturned and his remains moved to a resting place befitting an innocent man.

With regard to the matter of the farmer seen dropping articles through rabbit diggings in 1947 and later recognised as Alfred Moore in 1951, I would point out that Alfred Moore did not buy Whinney Close Farm until 1951.

He did not, in fact, move into the farm until the end of April, 1951.

Steve Lawson