WHY have I got a cold in what is supposed to be the middle of summer?

I thought it was spread by germs but, as far as I know, I have not been in contact with anyone with a cold.

My mother used to say you could catch a cold if you went out with wet hair, but she also said you got haemorrhoids from sitting on cold steps. Correct me if I'm wrong (as I know you will) but I don't think either statement has any basis in truth.

So where did I get this annoying cold?

“I'll bet you get it on Ryanair,” Nick said, at the bar the other night.

Of course. I've flown with them four times in the last three weeks.

“And you complain that Ryanair never give anything for free,” he added.

Maybe I should shut up. If they discover they've given me a cold, there'll be something in the small print they can evoke and charge me for it.