CAR parking problems at local airports, when dropping off or picking up passengers, have bedevilled many a reader and is likely to annoy even more, now that the summer holiday season is here.

John Murray of Honley says he, too, was caught by the parking charge at the drop-off car park at Leeds-Bradford Airport, where there is a £2 minimum charge for the first 30 minutes and then goes up to £5 an hour.

But after checking the airport website, he found an alternative.

He quotes the online advice: “The On-Airport Long Stay Car Parks (1 and 2) can also be used for up to 60 minutes FREE of charge for dropping-off or picking-up of passengers.

The Long Stay Car Parks are within walking distance of the terminal building, however, we do also provide a free shuttle transfer to and from the terminal that operates 24/7.”

In order to prevent over-running the 60 minutes free time if the arrival is delayed, John waits outside the airport until the passenger he is collecting call him on a mobile to say he has cleared customs.

“This system works at Manchester too, provided you arrange to pick up the passenger from the DEPARTURE drop-off entrance.

They charge you £2. 20 if you go to the arrivals floor, as you are forced to go into the airport car park.”

So, park up outside the airport and wait for a call from the person you are collecting, and then drive up to Departures and collect them for free.