THE news that a roller coaster ride could boost feelings of love is of no use to me.

Nor would it have been when I was young enough to have taken advantage of it. I have always hated roller coasters.

But psychologist Richard Robinson told a science conference that taking an exciting fairground ride could boost the levels of a hormone called phenyl ethylamine that created a sense of euphoria. The same hormone is released when meeting someone attractive and can cause the feeling of love at first.

This never helped me on teenage days out at Blackpool Pleasure Beach because my stomach would not countenance anything more robust than the dodgems.

But it does explain why the girl I took ended up with Dave after they had traversed the Big Dipper together a couple of times while I could only stand and stare. I ended up with the laughing clown outside the Fun House.

However, according to this new scientific breakthrough, you modern young chaps who are looking for love should get down to the funfair and take the young lady of your choice for several rides on the biggest contraption available that recreates the feelings of being lost in space at the speed of light while your stomach lags six feet behind.

Afterwards, she may gaze at you with a dreamy look of unbridled passion.

Or then again, it could be the kebab and the three pints of strong lager she consumed before embarkation.