I AM not a fan of actor and comedian Russell Brand but I don’t understand why he was arrested for pushing an intrusive photographer out of the way as he and fiancee Katy Perry arrived at Los Angeles International Airport to catch a flight.

Paparazzi were hunting in a pack and Russell told police he took action because this particular snapper tried to take pictures up Katy’s skirt.

Good for Brand.

Ms Perry said: “If you cross the line and try and put a lens up my dress, my fiancé will do his job and protect me.”

The snapper complained of assault, Brand was arrested, bailed and missed his flight. If the photographer had put a camera in a ladies changing room to get an underwear shot he would have been arrested. So what’s the difference?

The best outcome, if the case ever comes to court, would be for the snapper to be charged with lewd and indecent behaviour and Brand to get a commendation for gallantry.