THE dialect poem ‘Utthersfi’ld was written by F A “Freddie” Carter who wrote the Owd Joss column in the Examiner for 30 years until 1975.

But readers tell me there was another well- known chap called F A “Freddie” Carter in Huddersfield around the same time, 50 years ago.

F J Sheard says the Freddie Carter he knew was a chartered accountant with offices above the old Barclays Bank in the Market Place.

He was president of the local society in 1964/65 and was a well- known after-dinner speaker.

Clive Farrand says: “I started my working life in 1959, as a clerk/cashier with Barclays Bank Ltd at 19 Market Place. On the first floor of those chambers was the accountancy practice of H N Bostock and Co. Frederick “Freddie” A Carter was a senior partner.

“I recall, as an insecure, unworldly 17-year old from a humble working class background, being very much in awe of the wealthy professional and commercial businessmen who came into the bank and approached my No.5 till in my early days on the counter. One exception was Freddie Carter.

“Although in a league that I could only dream of, Freddie Carter was a true gentleman personified. Gracious, polite and courteous, Freddie Carter was one of the pillars of Huddersfield society in the late 40s through to the mid-60s and was always most kind and helpful.

“I recall that he was chairman of Huddersfield Magic Circle and, at some time, held a high honorary post with the Magic Circle of Great Britain.”