I ALSO applaud the stance on the misuse of disabled bays around the town. My gripe is the “disabled people” who suffer from the disability of the “I don’t give a toss I will park in the disabled bay across from the stadium gym disease”.

How selfish and what barefaced cheek, to not only misuse the half dozen bays, but to do so and then go into the gym area carrying a sports bag.

These people have no conscience. Presumably they can’t walk from the parking area outside the cinema because their bag must be too heavy! Surely it would be better parking there as it would help them in their warmdown! When I take my dad down to the Town ground (he’s 83) and I can’t park in these bays with a disabled badge for him am I being vindictive to wish that those who misuse the bays to visit the gym might have a slip in the showers. Just a small accident to go with the small minds on which these lazy idjits so clearly rely.

Kevin Adams