They say the budget for disabled employment services could be spent more effectively. How? Will they just increase their benefit payments?The factory here in Bristol has closed. The workers there felt valued and it gave them a reason to get up in the morning. A really large factory in Wellington ids under threat – this plant employs a lot of people by the number of delivery lorries leaving the plant every day


It is criminal that Remploy facilities are closing. If any Government had any sense, decency and compassion, Remploy would be subsidised further to stop closure in order to give the workers a purpose, pride and a means of being integrated into society. I cannot understand the cold, cruel and idiotic reasoning behind decisions to close these facilities.


MP Barry Sheerman’s anger over Castle Hill lobbying

I have little faith in Kirklees Council under Mehboob Khan coming to the correct decision over the proposed public house and under no circumstances should the Thandis be allowed anywhere near the site after their flouting of planning regulations.


To all those against the building of the pub on castle hill I would just say get over yourselves for goodness sake!

Had this been an application by any one of the supermarket giants, their supermarket would have been open and running by now up on castle hill.


A potential monstrous carbuncle. Totally unsuitable development.