I READ Brenda Holroyd’s letter concerning chemicals in food with interest (Mailbag April 16) and I fully agree. People should have more clarification as to what do E numbers mean to the average person.

They’re listed, yes, but do people have to root through the net and books for their meaning. Should they have to? They need to know if a product may cause hyperactivity in adults or children or insomnia, rather than be baffled with science they can’t understand.

Foods contain chemicals which affect the brain; that is a fact. We are, so to speak, what we eat or drink and people should be made more aware of this than they are at present. Companies cover themselves up with this type of labelling, but at the same time it should be more understandable than it is.

colin vause


Littering driver

ON TUESDAY I saw on Alfred Street, Huddersfield, the driver of a car open his window and throw litter out on to the street.

I wonder whether he would be ashamed if he thought that those who know him were aware of his behaviour?

Sadly, I fear he would not.

miss d priestley