YOUTH unemployment is the biggest problem facing the nation. I am a typical unemployed young person facing a lifetime on the dole.

Here is my typical day. I went to the bank this morning to collect my job seekers allowance. I always have my job seekers allowance paid directly to my bank account.

I find it very inconvenient having a giro delivered to my door and having to take it to the post office to be cashed.

I did not go into the bank to see a cashier. I withdrew my money from a cashpoint. I went to the supermarket to do my shopping. I purchased some French apples, German sausage and Danish bacon. I did not go to the checkout with an assistant. Instead I went to a self service till.

I went home and switched on my Chinese computer and applied for jobs online. I did not bother sending letters through the post, I used emails. I do most of my shopping online as it is far more convenient than using local shops. I then sat down and listened to music on my Chinese MP3 player and watched a film on my Chinese television.

I know that these Chinese goods are made by Chinese slave labour who work in appalling conditions for starvation wages, but I get cheap laptops, mobiles and games consoles. So why should I care about them? I know that the Chinese ignore all green policies. I believe in green policy but not when it stops me getting cheap goods.

Recently I’ve heard from people who I was at school with how they are losing their jobs. My friend used to work as a shop assistant in the local high street. The shop is closing due to lack of business and she is losing her job. Other friends used to have jobs as bank cashiers, delivering post and supermarket checkout operatives or work in the local post office. All these jobs are now disappearing.

As an unemployed teenager there is only one person I can blame for the lack of jobs in Britain – David Cameron. How can he explain to me why so many bank cashiers, shop assistants, supermarket cashiers and postal workers are losing their jobs?

There is nothing that young people in Britain can do to create jobs. So why not, David Cameron, do something about it? The fight back starts now.



Barry and the pub

REGARDING the very informed article from MP Barry Sherman. You can tell from the wording that the MP is against the hotel/pub being built.

Which, MP wise, should not be biased against either party.

He does not include the 100 years the hotel/pub has been there serving the people of Huddersfield. The enjoyment it has given to adults and children – a sanctuary in bad weather, an oasis in good weather.

He states the site will shortly be surveyed with revolutionary scientific techniques which, hopefully, will show what has been there.

If it shows a keep has been there where the tower is, will it have to come down as it is regarded as new-built in relation to the Iron Age site.

I can only assume that once all the information and imprint of the site is known, a larger information board will go up showing the imprint like other sites.

I still see no reason why a hotel/pub cannot go up serving the people of Kirklees.

By the way, if the survey shows up a Viking longhouse has been there, it always had a brew house attached to it, so there could have been a pub hundreds of years ago, run by the Viking brothers.

I would like to state I do not know the Thandi brothers.



Triumph over black ice

COLIN Vause bemoans that no-one was prepared for black ice on Friday, December 14 (Letters, December 22).

Not so, Mr Vause. I donned my spikes and strolled around as normal.



Pubs and heritage

REGARDING the controversy surrounding the proposed development of a public house at Castle Hill, how many other sites of historic interest have pubs next to them?

Graham Beaumont


85% want a pub

EVERYONE is entitled to their opinions, including Huddersfield MP Barry Sheerman.

Mr Sheerman talks about the Castle Hill hotel but in my view he is not representing the voice of the whole 100% of the population – I reckon just about 15% who don’t want a pub back on the hill.

What about the other 85% who want a hotel or pub as it was before.

Mr Sheerman talks about finding out about the hill’s history, but I would ask him what if all this hadn’t had happened and the old hotel still was there –would Mr Sheerman and others knock down the hotel to find the history?

Let’s have a hotel as it was there before.

Manjit Singh


Age of Castle Hill

CASTLE Hill gets younger every week! Referred to recently as a ‘Bronze Age’ monument, the Examiner has called it ‘Iron Age’.

The truth of the matter is that the fortifications were finally destroyed in 415 BC, which is Bronze Age – but the earliest settlement so far recorded on the site is 2700 BC before any stones were erected at Stonehenge, incidentally, and this is not Bronze Age, but Neolithic! The New Stone Age.

So yes, we have a national and international treasure in Castle Hill.

Arthur Quarmby

Underhill, Holme

Pub’s long-term future

YOUR report that Kirklees Council has given permission to the owner of the Somerset Arms in Aspley to convert it to a takeaway and flats makes me wonder how it would respond to an application by the Thandis to convert their pub on Castle Hill, if ever built, to flats, for example, or some other use that would pay more than a struggling pub.



Long-winded hill talk

I’M convinced the people of Huddersfield have discussed, huffed and puffed the whys and wherefores as to whether we should get our pub back up on Castle Hill for longer than our government did as to whether our membership of the EU would be a good idea.