I HAVE never written to a newspaper before but I feel I must convey my thoughts regarding Huddersfield Royal Infirmary.

Too often we read in the media of the NHS being criticised. In March this year my wife was ‘fortunate’ to collapse at Huddersfield Open Market (we have a stall there on a Saturday).

I say fortunate because the treatment she received at your excellent hospital was so impressive. The hospital was spotless and all the staff from the top surgeons, nursing staff and cleaners, worked tirelessly to save her life.

The people of Huddersfield are so lucky to have such a gem of a hospital within their town.

I would also like to thank the paramedics and ambulance crew who acted so professionally. I was very impressed.

Thanks to all involved. My wife is recovering well. God bless you all.

phil and jean hoath


Swapping memories

I REALLY enjoyed All Our Yesterdays on April 7 in the Examiner, as my home village of Marsh was featured.

So too was Mrs Celia Singh’s secondhand shop, the Sundal Emporium.

I was a frequent visitor. People who know me well will know me as a collector and wheeler dealer.

I would do deals with Mrs Singh as would other people.

The shop was a pleasure to visit and Mrs Singh was a very good friend of mine and was always fair when we exchanged goods.

The secondhand shop she ran got a mention in the excellent book I’m A Stranger Here Myself by local author Deric Longden, as Mr Longden and his wife, also an author, were regular visitors to the shop.

I would buy or do deals with her and then venture to Stubbs in town to do deals with them.

I loved secondhand shops and still do. Mrs Singh’s was one of the best in town.

What happy times they were then.

colin vause


Biking in the House

IN RESPONSE to F Taylor (Mailbag, April 9) helpfully reminding bikers that Barry Sheerman’s views are his own, not the Labour Party’s, I would point out that Mr Sheerman first talked about motorcyclists being ‘widow-makers and orphan-makers’ during a Parliamentary debate on March 18 this year.

This comment was made in Parliament in his official capacity as a Labour MP, not made privately as an individual.

All protests should not be aimed at him alone but at the party he represents.

Andy Foody


Pound for pound

TAKING the price of my two season tickets for 2010/11 against my total wealth, I hope that Mr Dean Hoyle spends the same percentage of his total wealth on the club. Here’s to the Premiership.

John A Preston


Chemical reactions

THERE has been a lot of talk recently about leather suites causing skin eruptions and rashes.

Years ago our doctors told us that the Chinese and far eastern countries tan their leather using formaldehyde.

This means that leather goods, shoes, boots (brand names included), leather suites – especially black, trainers – and so on could be suspect.

If a person is allergic to formaldehyde, as unfortunately a member of my family is, it can start a reaction of eczema or rashes resulting in a lot of expenditure to find the right shoes or trainers that are suitable.

This substance can also be found in such small things as shampoos, cleaning products and so on, so be careful what you buy.



Lumley for PM

THE recent news of Joanna Lumley’s success fills me with pride.

After her initial triumph in support of the Gurkhas’ battle with the Government, she came out tops. Then, a major criticism of her actions by a politician caused a further uproar.

An apology, both by the Prime Minister and the politician involved, settled the matter.

What, with the sleaze and corrupt behaviour of late, I would say ‘Joanna Lumley for Prime Minister!’

kathleen etches


They cost too much

I READ the article revealing the massive amounts of pay received by top council staff with great concern.

I find this inequality deeply unfair and out of all sensible proportion – it is disgusting. I suggest that if people feel the same they vote for local councillors who are seriously concerned about this and make it a top priority to sort out.

d houseman


The Hill’s no Stonehenge

I READ with interest the comments of NMH, of Birkby, regarding Castle Hill (Mailbag, March 30) and putting it into the same context as Stonehenge.

It’s like talking about St George’s Square and the historic buildings round it and bringing the Southgate block of flats in as comparison.

NMH can’t have seen Stonehenge recently. There are toilets, food and beverage outlets, souvenir shops selling plastic Stonehenges and having to pay to visit with a plastic recorder stuck to your ear telling you about the history of Stonehenge.

If you are taking your family, NMH, take plenty of money.

d crowther


Diamond at Dalton

THANK you so much for printing those delightful pictures in Memory Lane, especially the ones of the many amateur dramatic and musical societies.

They do, indeed, bring back many happy memories of the days when every church and chapel, places of work such as David Brown’s, Brook Motors, Hopkinsons, WC Holmes all had thriving societies which were never short of actors and singers dying to ‘have a go’.

Where are they now? Few survive.

One society which has is Dalton St Paul’s in Moldgreen. Established in 1949, it has given shows every year since, usually two a year.

It no longer does three-act plays which don’t attract audiences or would-be actors, but produces pantomimes, songs from the shows, mini musicals and one-act plays and sketches.March 2010 marked 60 years since its first official production, Arnold Ridley’s The Ghost Train.

Its diamond anniversary is to be marked by a ‘review’ of the best bits of music, humour and sketches from the last 60 years on Friday and Saturday, April 16 and 17.

It is estimated nearly 200 people have taken part over the years. They will all be welcome to renew acquaintance on those dates. Tickets are £3.50 only – the cheapest in town.

jean m beaumont


Great college days

I'D just like to comment on the plans to build a new Huddersfield New College in North Kirklees.

Currently, I am a full-time student at Huddersfield New College and would just like to say that this plan is fantastic and I hope the college is given the best resources available. The value-added improvement at the college is outstanding as I have experienced teaching at the college that has inspired me to do all sorts of things I wouldn't normally do. I think the principal should be greatly honoured that Kirklees Council wants to build a new campus for the college.

However, I do hope they employ teachers such as my English teachers Shelley Martin and Beverley Whitehead who are considerate, enthusiastic and, most of all, want to teach. Teachers like these are hard to find.

Huddersfield New College has been an amazing two years of my life.

I'd just like to also thank the friends that I have acquired from such a marvellous institution. All have been so fantastic to me and I know we are all going to be successful in our future goals and aspirations.

Ryan Boothroyd