THE Yellow Bus Commission has invited Denby Dale Parish Council to give evidence of issues facing school transport in the area which it hopes can be used in its report

It is now hoped that this could be the first step towards improved school transport which has been a cause of concern for the council for many years.

Meanwhile the council is to continue to lobby Metro and Stagecoach for improvements in public transport across the parish.

Stagecoach has acknowledged some of the problems, but Denby Dale councillors say they are not able to see if the minor timetable changes introduced in January had led to improvements in the service.

Stagecoach has promised six new buses on the 80, 81 and 82 routes, but these are not expected until later this month at the earliest.

But problems of overcrowding on these routes have been acknowledged and the specification for the new vehicles has been amended to increase the seating capacity.