THERE’S a slap-up lunch in a delightful Cotswolds village waiting in September for anyone in Huddersfield with the family names of Dickenson, Halliday, Hogg, Mansell, Ostrehan, Partridge, Scrivens, Sollars (or Sollis), Twining (or Twinning) or Workman.

The vicar and churchwardens of St John’s, Sheepscombe, Gloucestershire, have been delving into the parish records and have found several mentions of these names and more common ones like Smith, Green and West.

“These names may have a connection with our village, and anyone with such a name is welcome to contact us: we would be delighted to invite them to a special lunch in the village hall here at the beginning of September, when our local History Society will be exploring some family links with the parish,” said organiser Paul Tyler.

“Tickets will be limited, so it will be a case of first come first reserved.

“Whether or not they are able to visit Sheepscombe we look forward to hearing from all those who may be interested in making this connection.”

The address is The Sheepscombe Connection, Woolgatherers, Glos, GL6 7QT, or email