THIS is the age of instant communications, the era of easily accessible information about anything under the sun.

Yet despite this, links between people and generations are easily broken.

We take three very different appeals for help in mending those links today, and hope that readers may be able to help our ‘lost souls’.

Cathy Longley of South Africa had Huddersfield and Colne Valley ancestors and is busy tracking them down.

A stumbling block in her research reaches back to the marriage of great great grandparents Edward Dyson and Jane Dodson.

Examiner archives were able to help by confirming some of the details, and relatives further down the line might be able to add some detail.

Edward, of Huddersfield, and Jane, of Marsden, were married on January 16, 1868 at Huddersfield Parish Church.

Cathy is also looking for information about another, related, Edward Dyson, who died aged 25 in Huddersfield.

We’ve discovered that this Edward died on November 14, 1868.

He was a domestic servant and worked – and possibly lived – at a place called Leehead.

Cathy is on

DAVID Kelland’s ancestors emigrated to America in the 1850s from Yorkshire.

He is looking for information about John Kelland and his son, also John Kelland, who married Elizabeth Lodge in 1847. They had two sons, John B and William.

Along with her mother, Martha (Berry) Lodge and her new husband, George Mowbray, they emigrated to Auburn, New York in 1853.

The son John and Elizabeth were married in All Saints Church in Almondbury in 1847 and they all lived at Park Gate.

Elizabeth's father (Martha's first husband) was John Lodge who, David believes, must have died before 1837 when Martha married George Mowbray.

Any information on the Huddersfield branch of the Kelland family should go to David Ross Kelland of Lexington, MA, USA (

RANDY Modder of Singapore has an appeal of a more recent and personal nature:

“I’m looking to re-establish contact with a good friend of mine from the 1980s, who lived in Huddersfield and maybe still does,” he said.

“Janet Senior and I met and started going out for a while in the early 1980s.”

Janet worked for Juliana's night club company as a DJ at the Marco Polo hotel/club in Singapore.

“We eventually stopped seeing each other and I guess she went on to another posting.

“I am in my mid 50s, so I guess she’ll now be in her late 40s.

“I hope that Janet sees it, and we might exchange emails as a result. It's been so long and it'll be good to reconnect again, as the years are speeding by even faster these days.”

If Janet reads this and wants to contact and old friend, the contact is