BRADLEY: Nov 2 at 11.35. House burglary. Suspect used paving stone to smash rear ground floor bedroom window, entered house and stole jewellery boxes then escaped into neighbouring property where he was disturbed and dropped items making off on foot into park towards Bradley Road. Youth later arrested and charged.

Nov 2 at 6.15pm. Theft from motor vehicle. Suspect smashed front nearside window to get into car and steal handbag.

Oct 29 at 7.15pm. Criminal damage. Vandal kicked glass pane smashing it.

Nov 1 at 7pm. Criminal damage. Suspect smashed glass in rear kitchen door.

DEIGHTON: Oct 29 at 6.25pm. Burglary. Raider forced entry to garage and got into unlocked vehicle parked in garage and stole CDs and tools.

Oct 29 at 11.15pm. Theft from motor vehicle. Raider smashed windows to get into two cars. Sat-nav stolen from one of them.

Oct 31 at 9.55am. Attempted house burglary. Attempt made to force open metal framed sliding door and upvc side door but raider did not get inside.

FARTOWN: Nov 1 at 3.44pm. House burglary. Suspect forced open back door, went into house and stole computer laptop and jewellery.

Oct 29 at 9.30am. House burglary. Sneak in burglar got into house through unlocked door and stole jewellery.