ALL evidence shows that early intervention is best where cancer is concerned.

The first signs of problems and people are told to seek advice.

That’s what young mum Natassja Hall did but the 24-year-old had to insist on having a smear test after giving birth.

That’s because regular screening starts at 25.

She is calling for more to be done and her advice is something that should be listened to, because she was found to have severe cancerous cells and faced 12 months of worry and treatment.

How different the story could have been had she not pushed for the initial test.

Natassja says that young women should be allowed a smear test if they request it. She also believes that young mums should be routinely invited for screening before they reach the age of 25.

Health bosses say it’s not necessary, but the fact women in Scotland and Wales are screened under the age of 25 is surely contradictory.

If young mothers like Natassja ask for a smear test, they should be allowed one at first request.