ALL the hype and talk about public sector cuts is starting to get nearer to reality.

And it is clearly making people feel more and more uneasy.

Today we reveal confirmation that West Yorkshire is to lose 759 officers and 1,474 civilian staff over the next four years to save £90m from its budget.

Although police chiefs say they will do all they can to protect the frontline, there is surely no way these huge cuts can be made without making life easier for criminals and even harder for victims.

The Government would have us believe that the cuts can all be made in back offices, but many of these civilians do vital work there, especially gathering intelligence and tracking prolific offenders.

Then there is all the administration and computing – and surely some of this will fall onto the shoulders of already hard-pressed officers who should be out there on the beat.

All we can hope is that the police come up with new, innovative and highly effective ways of working to keep crime under control.