OK, Kirklees Active Leisure in charge of sports centres, pools and sports grounds have caught up with bosses taking freebies from a certain supplier of equipment used in our sports centres etc.

Now is the opportunity of Kirklees’ £100,000-a- year whizz kids to earn their money and save council tax payers their ever increasing rates.

1) Look into whether this firm was competing fairly when quoting for the equipment against other suppliers on the Kirklees approved list of contractors.

2) Were they the cheapest firm to quote for these items?

3) Who were the other people to approve these orders; have they been investigated?

4) Has anyone checked out if other firms have an equal amount of equipment fitted in all of Kirklees centres?

5) Please can we have a true and fair statement on these questions?

I hope some Kirklees buyers are getting into a sweat without going to the gym.